Vietnam: so far. by amandakoster

Hue, Veitnam. We have been in Vietnam for several days. We started in Hanoi and moved to Hue yesterday. Today we drive into Dong Ha and begin our projects. Tonight is a dinner with Welcome Dinner with DoFA (Dep’t of Foreign Affairs), Women’s Union and PTVN Staff.

So far this trip has been incredible. Our team has adjusted to the time zone (amazingly right away!), definitely has embraced the culture. I am very impressed with the ease at which everyone has moved into their own rhythm of being here.

Today we head into Dong Ha and really begin the meat of the trip: the unique projects. I am looking forward to working closely with the NGO PeaceTrees Vietnam, meeting the people the are working with and learning more about what is going on in Quang Tri Provence as related to the Veitnam War.

It is incredibly sobering to be in a country where the USA has actively engaged in war in the past.  It is also incredibly relevant to today, seeing that the USA is currently engaged in 2 wars right now. It will be humbling to be in this region, meet people who live there and share these stories with you. Stay tuned…

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