The little NGO that can, in Jaipur India by maggie soladay

We get asked all the time “what is an NGO?” Its a common question. We hope soon it will be a household word and that everyone will know that NGO means non-gonvernment organization, a non-profit.
SalaamGarage is bringing a group of incredibly talented, smart, and caring people to Rajasthan, India to help a small NGO that is doing some really big work. Starting September 19, 2009 our team of 9 media creators will embark on a one-of-a-kind humanitarian mission to help NGO Vatsalya. By telling their stories, we will help raise much needed funds in a sustainable and creative way!
See who is coming to India this September…
NGO Vatsalya runs many programs to combat the problems that are part of the severe poverty in India. What SalaamGarage loves about Jaimala, and the NGO she founded, is how much its all about solutions. We can’t wait to create these stories and meet the staff, community, and children of Vatsalya.
Our team will tell the first person stories of adults and children who have been helped and saved by Vatsalya’s programs.
Samvedna– the van that goes into Jaipur’s slums to educate the poorest children in Jaipur. Staff also work to identify homeless, orphaned, or abused children through this program.
Udayan– the home where currently there are over 57 children living safely, being educated and trained to support themselves when they become adults.
Women’s Empowerment– many programs from micro loans, to self help groups and vocational training

Help– click here to learn more and donate to Vatsalya
I have been blogging ways anyone can tell a story. It is not enough to shoot pictures, the pictures and stories need to get out into the world in order to matter.
See below for a list of the easiest do-it-yourself websites and blogs, examples of great effective stories, and other inspirational fodder for SalaamGarage participants and everyone out there creating media!
Remembering.. “We Are The Media Now!”

-Maggie Soladay

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