Get Multi with your Media, Create your story by maggie soladay

Storytelling tools you need to build multimedia stories:

iLife for Mac (garage band, imovie, and iphoto together)
then you export the project as a Quicktime..

Final Cut Express for Mac for the most flexibility and editing options if you can’t afford Final Cut Pro. Most citizen journalists and media creators don’t need the full professional version.

Picture 11Soundslides for PC and Mac users. It is a cheap easy and flexible software. You’ll also need Audacity (free) to edit audio if using Soundslides. Audacity-logo-r_50pctAudacity audio editing software

psg_maininterfacePro Show and Pro Show Gold #1 For PC users to create multimedia slideshows

Voice-over Slide show:
Voicethread is online, nothing to download. The pieces that are posted there now are in disarray. It is quite messy and mostly used by students and educators for now. But it could be a great tool for sharing and allowing commenting for certain audiences.

MediaStorm is one of the best spots online for photo journalist’s who are creating multimedia projects. MediaStorm hosts stories created by photo journalists who are the interviewer, the interviewee, the reporter, and the shooter.
Here is great example: Black Market by Patrick Brown about the illegal animal trade.

This link will take you to MediaStorm's website for Patrick Brown's story

This link will take you to MediaStorm's website for Patrick Brown's story

make tv and podcasts, how to at
J-Learning is a great How-to site for budding community journalists

Take Classes
See SalaamGarage friend and multimedia maker Emily True’s article “J-School Lite” about classes in multimedia storytelling and documentary.

-Maggie Soladay

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