Publish that Photography Project by maggie soladay

Favorite Places on the web for photography stories that matter:

Blue Earth Alliance

Blue Earth Alliance

Blue Earth Alliance: They support and raise funds to get stories that matter told. Overlooked and under-reported issues from human rights to the environment. They accept project proposals 4 times a year.

Collective Lens: “promotes social change with your photos. Upload a photo and help bring awareness to important issues around the world. You can inspire others to become involved.”



Feature Shoot: Showcases work from up-and-coming photographers alongside work from established photographers who are creating photography projects.

FiftyCrows: They get social documentary work out there. Distributing it in new and original ways to build awareness, start conversations, and provide networking and financial support to help documentary photographers cause social change.

Fotovision: Their “mission is to advance documentary photography and storytelling. … through education, dialogue and community. … to inspire and enable positive change by creating a global photographic community that gives voice to the human condition.” They teach workshops in San Francisco Bay Area. Sponsors of the Photocrati Fund, a nonprofit that provides grants to photographers working on important environmental and humanitarian projects. Also a online community for photographers “anyone with a story to tell and a collection of good photographs—can create websites here. Clean and easy to use. All submissions are reviewed to endure the quality of the site remains high and attractive to its audience.

The Digital Journalist: Online journalism. Photographers are writers and photographers. Reporting from around the world.

-Maggie Soladay

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There are a couple of other great places for compelling stories. This list is by no means exhaustive, but a few that I really like are:

1.Both Vewd ( Blue Eyes ( showcase documentary photography and multimedia pieces.

2.InTheFray ( publishes images and essays that “explore global issues and engage readers with personal perspectives and critical analysis.”

3.Pology Magazine ( showcases stories about cultural immersion and off-the-beaten-path travel narratives.

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