Now More Than Ever: India Trip for September 2009 by maggie soladay
December 7, 2008, 12:00 am
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This week I added the September 2009 Rajasthan India trip!udaipur

Rajasthan India is a peaceful fascinatingly beautiful region in Northwestern India.  Evidence of the the mighty Rajputs is everywhere in temples, palaces, and forts.  Our mission is to explore the region’s art, culture, food, and architecture, and while doing so, put our talents into creating powerful stories about NGO Vatsalya’s work in Jaipur.  Vatsalya runs a home called Udayan, 40 minutes from Jaipur, that is home to 54 orphaned, homeless, abused, or neglected children where we will all visit on our second day in Indai.  Vatsalya also runs programs to help women with micro loans, truckers with education on HIV/AIDS, slum children with an outreach van that provides education and games, as well as other programs that aid and sometimes save the lives of people of Rajasthan.

We will pick a start day soon for the 12 day itinerary.   I encourage everyone interested to pipe up now so you can be part of choosing our departure date and fine tuning the itinerary.

click here for the itinerary and story ideas.

I am so excited to build this group of travelers over the next months.  I am currently working as a photography editor for The American Lawyer magazine in NYC and having the best time getting creative within the limitations of time and concept when it comes to portraiture of powerful American Attorneys.  I am lucky to have a gig like this.  The publishing world is seeing huge numbers of lay-offs that have effected many of my friends.  But the economic crisis and the crisis that India and the people of Mumbai have been so devastated by recently need not be ignored.  Stay in it! You can help change the face of media as we know it now.    These events in our midst have inspired me to move faster towards my goal of creating stories that give unsung non-profits and ngos the attention they lack.

In the meantime I am planning a trip myself to Cuba for relaxation and some scouting around for a 2010 trip possibility to cuba…  stay tuned.

-Maggie Soladay

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Maggie: As Amanda may have told you, my husband (Walter Bodle–I know you know him) and i are considering the India trip in Sept. No decisions yet but are definitely intrigued. Your itinerary sounds excellent. Do you have a travel agent to recommend if we wanted to plan our own extension to the trip?
Also, by coincidence, you mentioned CUBA–and that is something else we are considering–we would not do both in the same year, needless to say. Do you have any contacts/suggestions/ideas re a Cuba trip? and the time of year best to go?
I know the India trip is your priority, but couldn’t resist contacting you about Cuba. Looking forward to hearing from you. Lynne.

Comment by lynne iglitzin

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