SalaamGarage presenting to Microsoft on December 10, 6:30-8pm! by amandakoster

Work at Microsoft? Want more info? email us and we’ll get it to you.

Join social documentary and commercial photographer Amanda Koster illustrate how her career has helped create what is now SalaamGarage.  Join her in dialogue around the value of collaboration between media makers, social media applications, and international non-profit organizations.


Koster officially founded SalaamGarage in January 2007 in response to years of countless requests, “Can I Come With You” regarding her international documentary projects. As she saw people traveling, creating content, publishing and connecting through social media, she thought why not harness this activity to cause positive change through sharing intentional and authentic storytelling.

Her latest book “Can I come with you – Social documentary photography” can be found at:

SalaamGarage is an organization of individuals who travel to developing countries on behalf of cause-related NGOs. Koster brings enthusiast and profesional photographers, writers, and videographers to chronicle their journey and tell the story of aid and development work. There is a human being behind every photograph, and there is a story behind every human being. From organizations in the favelas of Rio to the rice fields of Vietnam, SalaamGarage is helping NGOs raise money and awareness. And on a larger level, SalaamGarage is raising consciousness amongst bloggers, amateur and professional  media makers and technologists.

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