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November 9, 2008, 1:22 am
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Welcome to our new site! In an effort for our SalaamGarage team to be co-creators of our site and be in direct communication with you… we are moving to WordPress from our previous traditional site.  Besides adhering to our vision of utilizing simple social media tools to cause change, this is a heck of a lot easier.

Please, should you find anything that needs clarification or could just be better, let us know. We are here to serve.

Peace, SalaamGarage faculty

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This is a revolutionary way to have a dynamic and informative home for SalaamGarage online. I am so excited! Instant real time updates. Like we are live and alive!

Comment by Maggie Soladay


“Amanda Koster began her travel photography career doing a series of what she describes as “drive by shootings”. She’d take photos of strangers in developing countries never really knowing her subjects’ stories. Then one day, she felt uncomfortable. After a woman requested rupees in exchange for having her photo taken, Koster felt so uncomfortable that she made a life altering decision – she re-examined what it means to be an artist.

Salaam Garage is an organization of individuals who travel to developing countries on behalf of cause-related NGOs. Koster brings other amateur photographers and videographers to chronicle their journey and tell the story of aid and development work. There is a human being behind every photograph, and there is a story behind every human being. From organizations in the favelas of Rio to the rice fields of Vietnam, Salaam Garage is helping NGOs raise money and awareness. And on a larger level, Salaam Garage is raising consciousness amongst bloggers, amateur photographers and technologists.

Koster’s call-to-action to Gnomedex attendees was this: All of us in this room full of laptops, iPhones and professional digital cameras have the ability to change the world. We know how to get independent distribution and to produce independent content.

Suddenly meta-life is less about personal brand and more about progressive action. After all, what’s the point in promoting the things you do, if you aren’t proud of the life you’re living?” from: Dana Oshiro, Writer: San Fransisco,

Comment by Dana Oshiro

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